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Three Ways to Create a Better Nightly Ritual

better nightly ritualDoes your bedtime ritual consist only of getting into bed, shutting your eyes, and doing your best to drift into the land of sleep? To get a good night’s sleep, you need to start “going to bed” before you even get in your pajamas. You need a better nightly┬áritual.

Begin the Process Early, and Go in Stages.

Online bedding shops know a thing or two about getting a great night’s sleep. Turn the lights down a few hours ahead of time. This cues the body to begin shutting down for the night, and will help make you feel sleepy. Avoid using the computer or your mobile devices, too, as this will be counter-intuitive. Instead, online bedding shops recommend eating something light, going to the bathroom, having a soak or shower, and doing some light stretching. Reading before bed is a good idea, too, as this will help tire the brain out.

Consider Sleep Aids.

Speaking of online bedding shops, you should consider purchasing some sleep accessories to help hasten your journey into sleep. For less than you’d think, you can get great bedding accessories online, like a sleep machine. These devices generate calming sounds, like rain, or white noise. These sounds can create a more peaceful and calming environment once you’re snug in bed. Online bedding shops also have allergy bedding products, that can help mitigate the problems allergies cause. Allergies often impact the quality of a person’s sleep. If you’re willing to invest in your sleep and consequentially your health, head to an online bedding shop to see what they have to offer.

Take Better Care of Your Mattress.

Most people know that the average adult requires between eight to eight and a half hours of sleep per night. What most people don’t realize, though, is that if you sleep eight hours a night, you’ll rack up nearly 3,000 hours on your mattress in just one year. Mattresses only have lifespans of between eight to 10 years, but if they’re not cared for, then those 3,000 hours are going to be harder and harder on it. For this reason, online bedding shops recommend that you rotate your mattress every other week, and flip it on occasion to ensure that it doesn’t get worn out too quickly. Though this is not a nightly┬áritual, it’s still a habit you should get into.

If you have trouble getting to sleep, online bedding shops recommend creating a better nightly ritual. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

Three Mattress Care Tips You Need to Know

mattress care tipsGood sleep habits are increasingly recognized as a public health concern. Not having enough sleep is linked to motor vehicle crashes, industrial disasters, and medical and other occupational errors. Adults need about eight to eight and a half hours of sleep a night. Yet 59% of Americans get seven or more hours, while 40% get less than seven hours according to a Gallup poll.

Most people don’t realize that the very thing that’s supposed to help them get some sleep is what often keeps them awake. If a mattress isn’t taken care of and looked after, it can quickly become uncomfortable, and decrease the quality of the person’s sleep. Here are three mattress care tips you need to know to help you get the most out of your mattress.

Rotate and/or Flip Your Mattress Every So Often.

Sleeping eight hours a night on a mattress racks up 3,000 hours of wear and tear in just a year. If you don’t flip or rotate your mattress, that’ll all be spent on one side. Your mattress wears down more quickly than necessary. Don’t let one side of the bed remain in pristine condition while the other gets worn out. We suggest rotating the mattress every other week, so that you sleep on the other side.  If you have a mattress that flips, flip your mattress either once a month, or every other month, to further spread out the wear and tear.

Get a Proper Bed Frame or Center Support.

Mattress shops stock many items available to make your night more restful. Of all the bedding products available, though, the bed frame and center support are the most important. If your bed is a full size or larger, you need at least one post touching the floor in the center. Without center support, all of the weight deflects into the middle. The mattress sags uncomfortably in the center.

Always Use a Waterproof Mattress Protector.

One of the most important mattress care tips we share at our store is always use a high quality mattress protector. Mattresses tend to collect a lot of moisture and humidity. Moisture breaks down the foams and comfort materials in bedding. A waterproof mattress protector keeps moisture away from your mattress, so your mattress stays comfortable longer.


Four Great Products Could Help You Get Some Sleep

Sleep just doesn’t come quite as easy for some people. About 60 million Americans suffer from sleep deprivation or sleep disorders, which add about $15.9 billion to national health care costs. In fact, sleep is increasingly being recognized as a vital part of public health, as sleep insufficiency has been linked to motor vehicle crashes, industrial disasters, and medical and other occupational errors.

Luckily, the weary aren’t helpless. There are tons of different sleep accessories that can help them get some sleep, many of which they didn’t even know could help, or even existed! Here are just some of them.

The Other Side of the Pillow.

When some people wake up and have trouble getting back to sleep, they like to flip their pillow over and crash on the cooler side. Though to some it might seem like a weird thing to do, an American study actually showed that a drop in temperature causes the brain to release chemicals that help the person get to sleep.

Low Profile Bed Frames.

Low profile bed frames are similar to standard bed frames, but much lower down. With all the thick, thick bedding there is today, it can feel like you need a stool to get in your own bed. Normal bed frames rise about seven to eight inches off the floor, but low profile bed frames are only four or five inches off, allowing you to get into bed much easier. These low profile bed frames are built to lower the bed while fully supporting the mattress and box spring. If you find yourself struggling to get into bed, definitely consider looking into low profile bed frames.

Box Springs Help You Get Some Sleep.

Believe it or not, your box spring is pretty important. One might even say it’s as important as a good mattress. You see, box springs act like shock absorbers. They take a lot of the wear and tear that comes from your sleeping on the mattress, while also supporting you and making you more comfortable. If your box spring is noisy, this can wreck a good night. Get some sleep by replacing an old worn our box spring or foundation.

Cookies and Milk.

Last but far from least, cookies and milk are a great bedtime snack. Milk’s tryptophan will help you feel sleepy, and the carbs in the cookies will get it where it needs to go in the brain. If you’re not a big fan of cookies, you can choose another carb. Just make sure it’s low in fat.

Cool pillows, low profile bed frames, box springs, and snacks are all great products you can use to get some sleep. While you might already have many of these, you can get additional bedding accessories online. If you have any questions about any of these products, like low profile bed frames, feel free to ask in the comments.