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Three Things to Know About Buying Sheets and Linens

buying sheets and linensBecause sleep is increasingly recognized as vital to public health, with sleep insufficiency being linked to motor vehicle crashes, it’s important that you get each and every hour. Since you need to spend so much time sleeping, you might as well invest a bit more, and buy yourself some comfortable, luxury bed linens. The only trouble is that shopping for these sleep accessories is pretty complicated, with all the thread counts and materials that are out there. Here are the three things to know about buying sheets and linens:

Thread Count is Easy to Lie About.

Simply put, the thread count is how many threads are in a square inch of sheeting material. That’s it. The more threads there are, the softer and smoother the sheets will be. We recommend a minimum thread count of 250, but luxury bed linens have a thread count of between 300 to 400, usually. Trust your instincts, if someone is selling 1000 thread count sheets for $20, that’s impossible.  A true 300 – 400 thread count sheet set will cost $100 – $150 in queen size. Read our Bed Sheet Buyers Guide for more information.

Look Out For Hand Enhancers when Buying Sheets and Linens.

Manufacturers can be sneaky. Some put silicone softeners or “hand enhancers” on their sheets, so that they feel extra soft in the store. These silicone softeners, however, disappear after they’ve been washed once. This means that consumers can’t rely on simply feeling how soft the sheets are in store.

Make Sure It Will Fit Your Bed.

When buying sheets and linens, make sure you get the right size. Perhaps it’s tempting to buy a size down or a size up if one is cheaper or if the properly sized sheets are out of stock. However, the sheets will keep coming off if they’re too small, and they’ll bunch up and be uncomfortable if they’re too large. Find out if you have a twin, full, queen, king, or California king size bed and purchase your sheets accordingly. Read our bed size blog post for more about bed sizes.

If you have any questions about shopping for luxury bed linens, feel free to ask in the comments. Don’t resign yourself to the fate of sleeping on sub-par sheets for the rest of your life. Use these tips to find luxury bed sheets you’ll love to sleep on.

Odd Size Bedding Needs Frames Too

Odd Size Bedding

Odd size bedding like 3/4 (three quarter) bedding needs frames too. Yet, this can be a difficult bed frame to find. Bed frames are often designed to fit today’s standard bed sizes only. Because three quarter bedding was a popular size in the early 20th century, many of these beds are still in people’s homes. Many antique beds are this size. The measurements are 48″ wide X 75″ long, while some are only 72″ long.

What type of bed frame works with three quarter bedding?

Recently a customer contacted us about her antique three quarter bed. She also had odd size bedding, measuring 48″W X 72″L, that fit it perfectly. Because her room was small, she wanted to do away with the footboard. She planned to attach the headboard to the wall. I suggested the Twin to Queen Clamp Style Bed Frame that adjusts using clamps to any size from 39″ wide to 59″ wide. This allows for a perfect fit of odd size bedding.
odd size bedding

What was the outcome?

Over the weekend, I received a nice email from my customer in Kentucky saying that she was very happy with the solution. “Thanks for helping me find the right adjustable frame for my 3/4 short frame bed. Saved me lots of money buying a frame instead of replacing the mattresses.” She went on to say, “I was so happy to be able to solve the problem without breaking the bank. It is very sturdy now. We had wooden bedsides with wooden slats that were not very sturdy. We actually had a couple to land in the floor one night and just remained there till morning. Lol. This way we feel everyone can get a good nights sleep. Thank you for your help. Your service was great and so quick.”

Most important of all, it looks beautiful in her guest bedroom.

three quarter bed
Three Quarter Bed