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Full Bed Rails for Crib Bed

Replacement Full Bed Rails for Crib Bed

Convertible cribs are very popular these days. These beds start out as cribs for your infant. Then morph easily into a daybed or toddler bed for your growing toddler. Then by simply adding full rails, convertible cribs transform into full size beds. What’s the problem with that? Almost no one buys the full bed rails for crib bed when they buy their crib. Turning the crib into a full size bed is an event far in the distant future, and the rails will take up space in an already cluttered closet. . . .

How to get full bed rails for crib bed

First, try contacting crib manufacturer

If you did not purchase the full size bed rails at the same time you purchased the crib, contact the crib manufacturer to see if the rails are still available to purchase. Sometimes, the convertible crib is still in production, and you can buy the matching rails. Unfortunately, it is the case that the manufacturer no longer makes the crib, and you can go with option 2.

We stock full bed rails to convert your crib

Check the way the convertible crib, or the new headboard and footboard, attaches to the rails. Though we don’t have specific full rails for crib beds, we may have bed rails that will work with your child’s bed. We offer two types of full size bed rails that may convert your crib!

Bolt-on Rails

The phrase “bolt-on” refers to the manner in which the bed rails or bed frame attaches to your headboard or your headboard and footboard. Bolt-on bed rails and frames attach using long bolts or screws through metal plates.

bolt on full bed rails for crib bed
These are bolt-on bed rails. You can use bolts or screws to attach these to your convertible crib.
Hook-on Rails

The phrase “hook-on” refers to the manner in which the rails attach to your headboard and footboard. Hook-on bed rails have “hooks” on the end of the rails that slide into the headboard and footboard and usually slip down to lock in place.

full bed rails for crib bed that hook-n
Sometimes convertible cribs will use hook-on rails like the ones above. We sell full size wood or metal hook-on bed rails.

Whether you choose wood bed rails for your child’s bed, metal bed rails for your child’s bed, or a full bed rail frame for your child’s bed,  The Sleep Shop has what you need to convert your crib to a full size bed.