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Interesting Bed Frame Questions

Interesting Bed Frame Questions

We’ve received some interesting bed frame questions (and bed frame part questions!) through the years (and we’ve answered them). Here are a few questions and answers:

Q. I was searching the web and I wanted to purchase twin bed frame but I needed to know if the frame came with the middle metal piece that will support the mattress together. Also the Frame and Headboard I have are wood. Would I be able to use the metal rails with this?

A. Thanks for contacting us! Our twin bed rails often work with wood headboards and footboards. Here is a link to the twin bed rails page. Your head and footboard likely need hook on bed rails. We offer a printable hook template that you can print out to make sure that our rails will work with your bed. Here is a link to that:

The twin size metal bed rails do not come with a center support, although we offer them. Here is a link to center supports for twin size bed rails.

Q. I have a metal twin bed frame that I want to attach a wood headboard to.  It does not use hooks.  The bed is too high due to the increased height of the mattress and box spring so the headboard sits too low and I want to raise the headboard.  Do you have a product such as the Modi plates that would raise the headboard?

A. The mod plates do not raise the headboard. To use the mod plates you attach them to the current headboard brackets and they make up the extra gap. Unfortunately we do not have anything that will raise the headboard itself.

Q. Do you sell 3/4 to full hook-on converter rails?

A. I am very sorry to inform you that we do not have converter rails to fit that size. (These are not manufactured, as far as we know.) It is possible to convert a 3/4 bed so you can use full size bedding on it, but it requires several different parts. You’ll need a full size bed frame for headboard and footboard. Then you’ll need two sets of mod-adapt headboard plates to bridge the distance between the two sizes. Then to convert to hook-on, you’ll need two sets of bed hook adapters.

Q. I was interested in buying the Eventide bed frame by Knickerbocker. I thought it came in different colors.

A. The emBrace bed frame by Knickerbocker comes in several different colors, but the Eventide only comes in brown.

Q. Hoping you can help me. I am trying to attach 2 headboards to twin beds (purchased used). They need hooks, which I have to bolt to frame.
Problem is the headboard is too wide for the bed frame by an inch plus. Even with the hooks on the headboard facing inward to make it the narrowest possible, it is that much too wide. Headboard measures 39 1/2” between hook slat openings and the bed frame is just under 38 1/2” at farthest width. Will the mod plate adapter fix that?

A. It sounds like you can put the Mod Plate on the headboard bracket, attach your bed hooks to that, and hook it in the headboard.

Q. Can I purchase a modified headboard plates that will take a queen mattress frame and hook it to a king size wood headboard? Please let me know.

A. Yes, you can use the Queen to King Mod Plates and the Bed Hook Adapter to attach the frame to your headboard. Hope this helps!