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Extended Length Bed Frame for more stable bed

Extended Length Bed Frame

Have you ever sat down on the end of your bed, and the mattress didn’t have the support you wanted it to? Or worse, flipped up? Bed frame length is a concern for many.  Because many of our customers worried about bed frame length, we added extended length bed frames to our catalog.

There is a reason that your queen size bed frame is not longer than your 80″ long queen box spring, however. A bed rail exceeding the length of the box spring creates a dangerous hazard for your shins! Ouch! Normal bed frames measure around 70-71 inches long. Sometimes this length can cause problems for those of us who like to sit on the edge or end of our beds.

If you prefer a longer bed frame, the hospitality Instamatic frame is 75 inches long! It covers more of the length of the mattress, offering greater support throughout the frame, and especially at the end of the bed. We offer this frame for twin XL, King, and California King bedding.

Extended length bed frame adds stability to your bed



Finally, easily pair this frame with our G-10 deluxe bed risers. This will give you a frame that is 10 inches off of the floor.  Enjoy plenty of storage room.