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Wood Bed Rails

F.A.Q About Wood Bed Rails

Where do I find replicas of the wood bed rails currently on my bed?

The first step when searching for replacement wood bed rails is to contact the manufacturer. (Tip: Save your receipt when buying a new bed set, often the name of the manufacturer is not located on the bed itself.) Sometimes, the manufacturer will sell you the exact set of rails for your bed, as long as the bed is still in production. Without the manufacturer’s help though, it would be easier to find a needle in a haystack than to find matching rails for a decorative bed. But don’t worry, you have other options!

What do I do if I don’t know the producer of the bed?

Your best, and most cost efficient bet is to settle on some replacement rails. Though they are unstained, they are ready to be stained or painted. They also feature a thick cleat (inside lip) to attach a center support to, which you should do.

wood bed rails

How can I make sure they will fit my bed?

If you purchase them from The Sleep Shop we have a template that you can print out on your computer. Cut out the template (I recommend tracing it onto something a little more substantial than paper, such as cardboard) and hook it into your bed. If the template fits, the rails will work for you. However if it doesn’t, the rails will not work for your bed.

What colors are available?

Our bed rails are unfinished. However, they easy to stain or paint, so you can transform them into what ever color you desire!

What are the rails made of?

The rails are made from a laminated hardwood with the top edge being veneer banded. The term “laminated” doesn’t exactly sound like it can be stained, but the term describes the process in which the wood was pressed. They are 100% stain-able. (In fact, the rails are made here in NC, and they are purchased by many furniture manufacturers that stain/paint them for use them with their beds.)

What do I do if I have a headboard and footboard that require bolt on rails?

Currently, the only option available for wood rails is hook-on. If you have bolt-on rails, you may need to consider going to metal rails.