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Three Sleep Accessories To Consider Purchasing

Did you know that the average adult should get between eight and eight and a half hours of sleep every night? Yet, a 2013 Gallup poll found that 65% of U.S. adults are get seven hours of sleep or less.

Now this sleep deficiency is recognized as a serious public health concern. Lack of sleep is linked to car crashes, work errors, and even industrial disasters. American’s sleep problems are so bad that they’ve added about $15.9 billion to national health care costs.

If you’re not getting a proper amount of sleep, don’t worry.  Here are a few sleep accessories available today that can help you get more restful sleep:

Wedge Pillows

sleep accessories

Wedge pillows go underneath a person’s back to help them sleep on an incline. When in an inclined position, as opposed to flat on the back or stomach, gravity can help open up airways or relieve some symptoms of heart burn. If you’re propping yourself up with an extra pillow to get more comfortable, consider using one of these sleep affordable accessories.

Hypoallergenic Sleep Accessories

According to the Sleep Foundation, allergic rhinitis happens when a person breathes in allergens, like dust, pollen, or molds, which cause nasal congestion, watery eyes, or sneezing. These naturally hamper a person’s quality of sleep. Luckily, there are hypoallergenic bedding accessories online that can help a person sleep without getting bothered. We recommend mattress encasements that keep allergens out of your mattress.

Sleep Sound Machines

Though many people underestimate the usefulness of noise-generating sleep accessories, nighttime sound machines are very helpful. First of all, they create soothing noises to help “wind down for the day”, putting a person into a more relaxed state. Finally, these sleep accessories can block out distracting noises, like the bark of a neighbor’s dog.

If you have trouble sleeping, consider some of these sleep accessories to help. Acid reflux wedges, allergy bedding products, and sleep sound machines allow you to get a better night’s sleep.

Bed Frame for Hook-on Headboard

Would you like a bed frame for hook-on headboard?

There are two options you can use for this situation:

Option One

If you already have a frame, you can save money by purchasing the bed hook adapter kit. The BHA is a piece of hardware that you bolt on to the end of your existing frame and it converts your bolt-on frame to work with hook headboards. They’re the product shown below and you can purchase them

hook-on headboard
Bed Hook Adapter Kit

Option Two

If you don’t have a frame already than the most cost efficient product is an automatic hook-on headboard. The K88N is a complete stand alone frame with hooks on the end. This allows you to hook your headboard on without the use of a footboard. It’s pictured below and available for purchase here.

Hook-on headboard
Automatic Hook-on Headboard only Frame