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Metal Slats For A Twin/Full Bed

Some manufacturers now require support slats on twin and full size beds. Metal slats work better than wood for supporting your mattress. Our metal center supports have telescoping ends that allow you to adjust the width easily.

I would recommend going with metal slats as opposed to wood slats. here’s why:

Metal slats are much stronger than wood ones which eliminates the risk of the wood bowing or sagging.

Metal supports also prevent the warping of your box spring by keeping it in the proper place.

Metal Slats
Easy Metal Support Slats for Twin/Full Wood Beds

Check out the twin/full metal support slat page for assembly instructions, how to video and specs.

These are super easy to install and very affordable!

Headboard Hardware

We get calls every now and then from customers at the end of their ropes, looking for headboard hardware.

They lost the original ones and now it seems like no hardware store they go to has the right parts.

No fear! We sell exactly what you need (for most anyway).

headboard hardware

Also, when you buy a new headboard and footboard, the bolts, nuts, and washers that you need to attach them to your bed frame are usually included. If not, you can order one of our Headboard Hardware Packs!  These work with MOST beds that bolt-on. If you are trying to attach a headboard and a footboard, you will need two sets of hardware.

The headboard hardware pack includes four 3″ bolts and four lock nuts. The bolts have ROUNDED heads, NOT flat heads. (Please note: Due to periodic manufacturer changes, the hardware package contents may vary from exact configuration pictured above.)

How To Sleep Better!

If you’re having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, try these tips!

Usually, people don’t have the most ideal sleeping environment.  This contributes to restless nights. To ensure you have a peaceful environment slowly try incorporating these habits and see if they help over time. It can’t hurt right?

Tips to Sleep Better

1.) Turn off any electronic devices at least an hour before bed. Melatonin is the chemical that makes you sleepy and it runs away from light – especially blue light which tends to be what cellphones and computers emit the most of.

2.) Try a noise machine. A nice rushing wave, crickets, or the soft trickling sound of rain can drift you off to the point of no return.

3.) Make sure your room is clean! Your brain can get stressed out if your environment is messy. If you don’t have enough space in your room to keep your room clutter free, try raising your bed and adding under bed storage.

4.) Write all the thoughts about your day down before you go to bed.  That way, you have time to process your day and get it out of your head so you aren’t laying there thinking about it all night.

5.) Read a book!

6.) Take a bath.

7.) Make sure your sheets are clean and make sure they’re comfortable! If you need suggestions, try our Dreamfit sheets!

8.) Develop a night time ritual! When you do the same thing over and over at night eventually your brain knows what’s coming next and will slowly start to release that melatonin.  For instance at the same hour every night go through a routine. Try taking a bath, applying lotion, and reading a chapter or two in your favorite book.

Metal Center Support For Queen Frame: XR5-AG

Recently at The Sleep Shop, our store front, we’ve started carrying a new product. This product is the XR5-AG, it’s a metal center support for metal side rails on a queen size bed.

After adding it to our website it sat there for a few weeks and nobody paid it very much attention. So, we pulled one off the self to install it and see what he was all about and make a mutual decision that maybe we should retire him.

However, upon installing him we discovered that WE LOVE IT. It is by far the easiest center support I’ve ever installed. Especially when you order it from our company. (I’m not just tooting my own horn here it’s just that we open it to inspect it and while we’re in there we basically set it up for you!) All you have to do is pull it out of the box, screw in the foot provided, slide it on the lip of you metal rail, adjust the height of the leg, and tighten the wing nut. See, easy as A,B,C,D,E!

Truthfully, after seeing how easy and sturdy this center support is, I don’t see why anyone would buy anything else for a queen bed. Give it a try for yourself! Click here to view the product page and watch the video below to see just how easy this thing really is!

Replacement Bed Frame Feet

If your bed frame feet have broken, it’s not necessary to purchase an entirely new frame.

Now, in some cases it may be the best idea to buy a new frame. If you have an old frame that’s squeaky and raggedy it might be time to purchase a new one. However, these replacement feet are the perfect solution if your frame is just a few years old and they’ll save you quite a bit of money.

The replacement foot is a plastic piece that slips over your bed frame leg and replaces the current foot (or thereof.)

Click the link here for more information of sizing and measuring correctly!

Foldable Bed Frame

Do you need a convenient, foldable bed frame solution?

Here it is! The Pragma Fold-able Bed Base

Foldable bed frame
Pragma Foldable bed frame

It’s easily stored and assembled. Just unfold it, stick your mattress on top and you’re all set!

Pragma Bed Bases do not require a box spring. The Pragma (formerly Duraplus) bed base is engineered with heavy-duty wire mesh, which serves as a complete mattress support system that will not bend or sag over time. This bed base provides a flat, sturdy, squeak-free base for your new memory foam mattress or even your old spring mattress.

The strong, yet lightweight design can hold up to 1200 pounds per twin bed frame, up to 2400 pounds on the king-sized base. The weight of the twin bed frame starts at a very light 23.75 pounds. Pragma bed frames are strong, yet light enough to be carried up the steps.

  • The frame can fold or unfold quickly and easily. When folded, the frame is easy to store and takes up little space.
  • This TALL bed frame sits 14″ off the ground, so there is ample space to store suitcases or other bulky items underneath.

How To Lower Your Bed

<h3>Lower Your Bed</h3>

There are a few reasons you may want to lower your bed. The two populations that need low beds most often are small children and the elderly. Lower beds are easier to get into and they help eliminate the risk of a bad fall. At The Sleep Shop have several options for lowering your bed. We have low profile bed low profile rails and bed frames. If you have a headboard and a footboard, you may choose a set of low profile bed rails. If you only have a headboard, you may to want to lower your bed using a low profile bed frame.

We have heavy duty options like the Monster KB2007-LP that is 4.5″ off the floor. Playfully called “the monster” by its creators because of its scary strength, the Monster Low Profile bed frame has 2″ side rails, and steel stem glides, and it is capable of holding up to 2000 lbs!

lower your bed

With today’s extra thick bedding, you might feel you need a stepladder to get in bed. Normal bed frames sit about 7 – 8 inches off the floor, while low profile bed frames are 4.25 – 5 inches off the floor. Low profile bed frames are designed to lower your bed and fully support your mattress and box spring without the use of a headboard or a footboard.


Some of our customers keep their too-high decorative, wood headboard and footboard in place. My customers remove their center supports, and they use one of our low profile bed frames like the LB34 or LB44 down inside the “box” that’s left. Then they can lower their bed, while still maintaining the attractive appearance of the wood bed.