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Need to buy bed slats for your bed? Think again.

Why buy wood bed slats when there are better, more supportive choices available?

If you are looking to buy bed slats for your bed, consider some of the more modern choices for bedding supports that are available today. Wood bed slats are very old-fashioned and do not offer enough support for today’s heavier bedding. One of those superior products is the Bed Beam by Knickerbocker.

What is the story of Knickerbocker’s Bed Beam?

We spent a good part of the day Sunday talking with the owner of Knickerbocker Bed Frames at the High Point Furniture Market. We’ve been selling Knickerbocker’s bedding support products for many years with great success, but we had never met Knickerbocker’s owner in person. It was wonderful to meet Richard Polevoy, who we consider a true visionary in this industry. Mr. Polevoy holds many patents for his amazing bedding support products. It is hard to find someone who gets as excited as we do about bed frames and bed supports, but when we met Richard, we knew we had met our match! Richard views bed frames and bed supports in an architectural way. He is always coming up with new ideas that transform the way we think of bed frames and bed frame supports.One of our Best Sellers Ever- The Bed Beam

For example take a look at one of our best sellers, the Bed Beam.

What makes the Bed Beam superior to wood slats?

Instead of going to a hardware store to have wood slats cut, order a Bed Beam support to fit your bed. The Bed Beam is FAR superior to wooden slats, which tend to bow and sway when weight is applied. Each Bed Beam leg is designed to support over 1240 lbs! Wood slats are not necessary!