Monthly Archives: June 2009

Finally, a bed frame that is easy to assemble and easy to store

I laughed when I read the instructions for our new Pragma Foldable Bed Frame. The instructions say, “For twin size: Unfold bed frame and snap legs into place. Place bed in desired location.” Until I received my sample bed frame, I really did not believe that this bed frame would be that easy to assemble. But it really is. Pragmas Folding Bed Frame

Other really great things about this frame:

  1. It’s strong and can support up to 1200 lbs.
  2. It’s tall! You can store all kinds of stuff under this 14 inch tall bed frame!
  3. This bed frame folds up nicely, so if you don’t need it, you can stow it away in a closet. This is unlike angle iron bed frames that don’t fold.

Castor Cups Stop Your Bed Frame from Moving

A customer of mine contacted me recently to say that she loved the bed frame she ordered from us, but that she was afraid the wheels would scratch up her new hardwood floors. Normally, I recommend using polyurethane feet (also called glides) on a frame if it will be used on tile, parquet, or wood flooring. When I took this customer’s order, I did not realize she had recently pulled up the carpet in her bedroom and replaced it with wood. She asked what she could do to prevent damage to her floor. The key to protecting your floor from unsightly scratches is to keep your furniture firmly in place. 

I recommended a set of Large Caster Cups by Slipstick. These are designed especially for use with bed frames that have wheels, rollers, or castors instead of feet. They have a patented rubber “O-Ring” on the bottom of each cup and the top is hollowed to accommodate up to a 2 1/4″ roller. When installed, this smart design prevents your bed frame from moving on any flat surface. No movement means no damage to your floor!

I shipped the product to my customer. Two weeks later, she called back to tell me that the caster cups worked perfectly, held her bed in place, and did not move even when she tried pushing the bed. She also said that she had just found the perfect antique rug to use under her bed. She asked the rug dealer how to care for her rug. He led her to his rack of Slipstick castor cups. The great thing about this product is that they not only protect hardwood flooring, but they also prevent the ugly dents left in carpets by bed rollers.

In this business, we talk a lot about protecting your mattress investment by using a mattress cover, center supports, etc..  Sometimes we fail to mention other little gadgets and gizmos that we sell that help you create the perfect environment in your bedroom. Not only will castor cups help maintain your floors, but you might even find that simply keeping your bed frame firmly in place may lead to improved sleep quality if your bed is not shifting when you or your partner roll over during the night.