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Easy King: Turn two twin beds into a king bed!

Easy King/Create-a-King
The Easy King

The Easy King (formerly called the Create-a-King) is a neat little bedroom problem solver that you can use to turn two twin beds into a king size bed. The Easy King straps around your two twin mattresses, holding them together tightly, so they can’t scoot apart. But what about the crack between the two mattresses? The Easy King has a sheep skin center piece that covers and masks the crack between the two mattresses. We have tried this in our store and it is also helpful to get a high quality mattress pad to go on top of the Easy King and mattresses to further cover up the crack between the two mattresses. You can use the Easy King to connect two twin beds or two twin extra long beds.

Can you convert a three quarter bed?

First, what is a three quarter bed?

A three quarter bed is one that measures approximately 48 inches wide by 75 inches long. Because these beds were popular in the early to mid 1900’s, many people have them in their homes. Many antique beds are this size.

Can you convert a three quarter bed to a full size?

Since we sell full to queen converter rails, customers ask if we sell anything that will convert a three quarter bed to a full size bed. There is no “converter rail” set that will easily convert a three quarter bed to a full bed. There may be a bed frame solution, however, that might work for you.

Converting the whole bed

  1. To use the whole bed (meaning the headboard and the footboard) start by purchasing a full size bed frame for headboard and footboard.three quarter bed
  2. Next, you’ll need to bridge the distance in width between three-quarter and full size by ordering mod-adapt headboard plates. Mod-adapt plates are a useful tool for attaching over-sized or undersized headboards to standard metal bed frames.
  3. If your three quarter bed attaches using bolts, you don’t need the next bed frame accessory. If your three quarter bed attaches using hooks, you’ll need two bed hook adapter kits – one for the headboard and one for the footboard.

Using just the headboard

To┬áto use the 3/4 headboard only, opt for a Clamp-Style bed frame that adjusts from twin size to queen size. Most of today’s bed frames are designed to fit exact sizes, but clamp style bed frames are different. Because they allow for limitless adjustment, you get an exact fit on your box spring or foundation. To attach the headboard, order a mod-plate to bridge the distance between the two sizes. If necessary for hook-on beds, also add the bed hook adapter from step 3 above.

Converting a full size bed to a queen size

If you have a great antique bed or full size bed but you don’t want to sleep on a full size mattress, you can use full to queen converter rails to convert your bed. Full to queen converter rails are easy to use. You just hook them in or bolt them on to your full size headboard and footboard. They are long enough to accommodate a queen size mattress set and the rails come with special “L” brackets that accommodate the width of a queen size mattress set.

Full to Queen Converter Rails
Full to Queen Converter Rails

There is only six inches difference in width between a full size mattress set and a queen size mattress set, so that means only three inches hang over on each side. Most of the time, once your bed is assembled with an attractive bed skirt, you won’t even be able to tell that the bed has been converted. You will love being able to sleep on a queen size mattress set instead of a full size.

Acid Reflux Wedge Pillow

When I was pregnant a couple of years ago, I had terrible acid reflux. Not only was the heartburn painful and uncomfortable, every night I woke up choking because of the reflux. It was the most miserable part of my pregnancy. One of the best baby shower gifts I received was an Acid Reflux Wedge Pillow from The Sleep Shop.

acid reflux sleep wedge
Acid Reflux Wedge Pillow

This pillow had a gentle sloping wedge design that raised my head slightly, but not so much that it was uncomfortable. I would recommend this product to anyone with acid reflux. I should say that in the latter part of my pregnancy, even the acid reflux sleep wedge pillow did not help enough. I had to resort to going on Prevacid. I would also recommend Prevacid to any pregnant woman who suffers with severe acid reflux like I did. It worked unbelievably well, and my doctor said it is considered to be safest for pregnant women. As soon as my son was born, the reflux vanished, but we still use our Acid Reflux Wedge Pillow quite often. My husband stole it from me, actually. He uses it now if he has a cold or sinus infection to relieve sinus pressure.