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Buyer's Guide: Standard Bed Sizes

Twin Size Twin XL Size Three Quarter Size Full Size Queen Size King Size Califorinia King Size

The actual size of your bedding may vary depending on the manufacturer of your mattress set. It is important that you MEASURE YOUR BOX SPRING to make sure you order the correct size bed frame. Many of our bed frames are designed to fit one size only. (We do have a few bed frames that fits twin, full, queen, and king, but those are exceptions, not the rule.)

MEASURING YOUR BOX SPRING IS especially critical when you are ordering KING or CALIFORNIA KING size. There IS a difference, and the two sizes are often confused, even by people who sell furniture and bedding. If a salesperson tells you that he is selling you a KING size bed frame or mattress set, DO NOT take his word for it. We cannot stress enough how important it is to MEASURE YOUR BOX SPRING! If you have a KING size box spring, it will be approximately 76" wide by 80" long. If you have a CALIFORNIA KING, your box spring will be approximately 72" wide by 84" long. We recommend measuring your box spring, rather than the mattress, because the box spring is the part that fits into the bed frame.

To further complicate matters, mattress manufacturers have begun skimp on the the standard sizes of box springs and foundations in the last few years. We've seen full size box springs measuring as little as 52 inches wide and 74 inches long. Queen foundations or box springs are usually around 59 inches wide by 78 inches long, not the longtime standard of 60 inches wide X 80 inches long.

Strangely, they've responded to the width problem, but not the length problem. Many of our bed frame suppliers send us full size bed frames that will not go any wider than 53 inches. This is a big problem when we have a customer who has an old box spring. Older box springs (from the 1970s and even 1980s) measure 54 inches wide, while todays newer foundations and box springs measure only 52 - 53 inches. Many of our bed frames won't work with older foundations. Bed rail manufacturers like Leggett and Platt, have not gotten the memo about the ever-shrinking bedding. As queen box springs shrink in length, queen bed rails are still 82 inches long, much to the frustration of many customers (and us!). It leaves too much space at the end of the bed.

The simple solution would be for mattress manufacturers to stop skimping on sizes, but that is unlikely to happen. The bed frame manufacturers could make the frames to suit the proper sizes. A little communication would help, but it has been left to sellers like us to explain these differences to our customers.

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