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Bed Wedges

Bed Wedge Pillow

If you suffer from acid reflux, sleep apnea, or respiratory problems, a bed wedge pillow might be the solution to your problems. Stacking two or more regular pillows can alleviate some issues, but extended use of stacked pillows can cause neck and shoulder pain. Wedge pillows lift your head while still providing neck and shoulder support.

The Acid Reflux Sleep Wedge is specially-designed to relieve acid reflux, but it also relieves many other ailments that can disrupt sleep. This bed wedge pillow has a large surface area, but it slopes only gently, so you'll barely notice it's there as it elevates your head. That said, a small slope can make a big difference when you suffer from sleep-disrupting conditions. This wedge's core is made from Ulti-Mat foam, which is soft and ventilated, keeping you cool and comfortable while it provides support. Its quilted cover is soft and removable, so you can wash it easily.

Another option is the Bed Wedge Support Cushion, which is available in three different heights. You can choose from 7.5 inch, 10 inch, and 12 inch heights depending on your wedge pillow needs. This wedge can also alleviate acid reflux, snoring, and other disturbances, but its higher slope also makes it a great support for reading or watching TV in bed. Pillows usually offer inadequate support when it comes to anything but sleeping, so a bed wedge pillow makes a great addition to your bedding.

The Bed Wedge Support Cushion comes with a removable poly-cotton cover for easy washing. The inner core is made of resilient foam that maintains its supportive shape. Furthermore, you can use this cushion for more than just your head and neck. It can also be used to elevate your feet while you sleep. Moving your wedge to the opposite end of the bed can reduce foot, ankle, and leg pain caused by a variety of conditions. Even simple muscle soreness can be improved with a wedge. Whether you use a bed wedge pillow for your head, legs, or both, it is sure to help you sleep better and wake rested.

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Acid Reflux Sleep Wedge

Acid Reflux Sleep Wedge

Price $119.00

Bed Wedge Support Cushion

Bed Wedge Support Cushion


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